Sunday, May 15, 2011

What's on my mind at past 11pm - duh

Here I am at 11:15 pm...feeling sleepy but yet wanting to write something... out of inspiration but will try to adopt one thing I read in a mail sent to us at work by a colleague.

The main point I grasped was that it explained a method to empty your mind completely and hence try to get some peace of mind.  All that you have to do is to write down whatever comes to your mind.  Does it work?  I guess yeah as I used to do something similar...except that I would not write it down but talk it loud (uhhh only when nobody was at home of course)...

So, let's start with something very simple and since we are a Sunday...well let's talk about Sundays.  I've always loved and hated Sundays....yeah!!!!  Why?  Well, let's look at the negative side of Sundays:  TIME FLIES TOO QUICKLY!!!  I don't know if it's only me who feels it or other people do as well.  It's like, you hardly woke up and the next moment you find yourself already on bed...grunchy and complaining that GOD it's late and I have to wake up early tomorrow!!!  That's why I hate Sundays.

But on the other Side, one good side of Sundays is that we often get to go out with family: the beach or simply driving to nowhere as long as the want for the long drive is there.  Also, long long long ago, we used to go swimming on Sunday mornings: A pure bliss!!!  WE do not really get the time to do so now.

Better change the subject now, else instead of finding some peace I'll be even more sad!

What else can I say now???  Nothing on my mind... lol  My blog's name is what comes out of the mind and am out of stock for the time being.  At times when am at work, I get loads of ideas that fuse from dunno where on my mind.  The moment am home, am so tired that I really forget about it.  Guess it is better like this than to write pieces of crap that mean nothing.

Speaking of crap...I wonder how I would qualify this one?  When I read it some other day maybe I will be in a better position to judge my masterpiece of 11pm :)

I wish I could write more often and produce some quality posts.  But am scared to say things that were not meant to be said - I mean some family matters.  I should say that when I came back after almost 3 years, I was wondering if my blog still existed.  I was happy to find that I can still have access and was wondering how to proceed from there.  I have a few examples of blogs here in Mauritius and they are very good for that matter.  I didn't know if I should also go the way they do or keep it as a window to my soul and a window to me?  

Today I received a comment on my blog...YEAH a comment finally :D...and what the person told me really gave me a boost.  I want my blog to reflect my personality, my thoughts and who I really am.  From there on, I may also get inspired by some leading local blogs that often talk about the mauritian realities.  I believe if I am really inspired then such contents will be found on my blog too.

To begin with, I think that I would like to keep it simple and share what I really want to share as I've been doing so far.  Comments are welcome and these are very important for improvement :)

I think that was a good attempt tonight despite that tomorrow I may find it to be a crap.  But am quite happy about my posts...

Anyway, it's 11:40 pm, time to go to bed. gonna be grunchy and complain about being late to bed again.

Well...with my best wishes for a nice week ahead,


Mina R

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