Saturday, May 21, 2011

Memorable moments...part 1

Hi all...

The other day while heading to work and sitting idle in the bus, I was thinking about what to post next on my blog.  Then an Idea came to me, why not share some sweet memories...but since I like to bla bla a lot, so it's going to come in different parts or episodes...

Ok, so here it goes:

The Birth of my DEVILISH ANGEL :)

The birth of my nephew was indeed THE best day of my life.  Since the moment I learned that my sister was pregnant, I was very impatient for her to give birth to my nephew.  Yeah, my nephew!  I was hundred percent sure that it was going to be a baby boy and around the 4th month of her pregnancy, it was confirmed.

During the ever lasting 9 months, I used to wonder how my nephew would look like...whether he would love his aunt = me?  I remember when my sister would visit us or I would stay at her place, in the mornings, I would hold her belly and call my nephew and ask him to wake up and guess what????  I could feel him giving me lazy kicks....(even then he used to tease me)

Coming now to the day he was born:  It was a beautiful Tuesday and already a special day for me since it was my birthday as well.  The moment my sis was brought to the ward, mom was informed and we waited a few mins before going in to see both of them (umm my mom is a retired charge nurse, so we could get in before visiting hours).  I couldn't contain my joy and wanted to see my darling nephew the moment we were informed they were back from the operating theater.  I remember mom scolding me since I was so impatient.

As we entered the ward, mom's ex colleague led us to where some new borns were kept while their mom were still sedated after CS.  The moment I looked into the cradle, I instantly recognise my nephew since he was wrapped in the towel I packed in my sis' bag.  God, I still cannot describe how I felt when I saw him.  It was great to finally look at him.  He looked so small and fragile and so precious.  I wanted to cry with joy but it was as if everything was stuck in my throat and am sure I must had a big smile on my face.

Those 9 months seemed soooooo long to me.  And the moment I held him in my arms...GOD!  It's been 2 years now but it seems as if it was yesterday that I first held him in my arms.  I can't imagine my life without him anymore.  I still remember those nights they were at home, when I would wake up hearing him cry, prepare his milk and giving him his bottle (his mom was suffering a lot after the CS).  At times I would take him to his grandma's room, who would wake up, hold him tight and feed him.  Both mom and son spent the first 12 days spent with us and then they went back to their house (not really what we would call a home). I remember inventing any kind of excuses just to visit him.

Unfortunately an unexpected situation happened where he came to live with us along with his mom.  I am grateful to god that I have the privilege to see him grow in front of my eyes, but at the same time my heart hurts for him.

Anyway...that's a bit about that wonderful 12th May 2009.  I am thankful to GOD and to my sister for having bestowed me with such a precious gift.

I have a special prayer to GOD:

"Oh God, please bless him always and my his life be filled with loads of love, happiness and success. Also, please help me to find the means to always guide him in his life, give him a good education and help him lead a decent and happy life."
Me and my Darling angel

Thanks for reading this and allowing me to share that one very special moment of my life




  1. Your love for your nephew is admirable. I hope that both of you and your family are bestowed with
    amazing things :)
    Keep writing xx

  2. Thanks Sonia. He is indeed my life :)

    And thanks for your encouragement :) There's more to come :)