Thursday, June 2, 2011

Oh my my...

What a week!

And there are 2 more days to go!

My week started very badly!  Since Sunday I was not feeling too well: Running nose, body aching and I knew I would be sick :(  When I got back home from work on Monday...GOD I was in one of those bad state with high fever and all.  I took the meds and went to bed.

On the next day, I had an appointment and took 2 hrs permission in  the morning.  When I woke up I thought I would never make it to the appointment and then go to work.  But in the end, I was able to attend both. Great!  My whole body was aching..heck

Fortunately, after a good night sleep and a real miraculous med, I was almost fit this morning as if the fever was a bad dream!  Yeah!  I was all the very fit!  I know I would have a very busy day at work but never imagined it would be THAT busy!  Ok...tough day!  But I am glad I could make it through.

Tomorrow is a french public holiday and am off...errr you may wonder why I would be off when I live in Mauritius?  Umm actually, we work for the french is a french owned company if I can say so :)  I have not planned anything for the day...coz whenever I planned my day it was a complete flop.  So will take the day as it comes and try to make the most of it.

Then Friday back to work and it's gonna be another hell of a day....I can feel it!

On top of everything else, we got the confirmation that a colleague of ours has resigned.  The dept will be restructured and maybe a new person will join eventually.Anyway...will see what happens later.

I was just reading the blog post of someone I know personally.  Wow, she's damn good but unfortunately she stopped blogging.  I may not have many followers on my blog and don't know how to get people coming and reading my posts (at times I have a feeling it's real dull here...) and at least advise me on how I can improve.  Gee...I know only one person who may be visits regularly...Miss S but apart from that....duh!  Anyway, I won't give up.  I'll write as long as am inspired to do so and I feel like sharing.

Hope tomorrow I get some time to write something else it's going to be on Friday night or during the week end.

Till then

Take care




  1. When I first started my blog...I didn't have any readers... It went like that for a little more than a year and then I realised I had 1-2 regular readers. I kept on writing just for them (well there were times that I stopped for months)...and for myself (of course)...what I mean is that the main reason for holding a blog is to "share" yourself. People will identify themselves with what you write and will even pressure you to write everyday :)
    Don't give up! I personally love your posts, and your originality (and trust me I don't like many people's blogs regularly). When I read what you write I see a person who is sincere and true =] That's what makes a writer be liked by readers. Not people who just keep on plagiarising topics, sentence structures etc. etc.
    Take Care xx

  2. Hi Sonia or should I say Miss S :D

    Thanks for being my one and only regular reader...err dunno if there are more but I would be glad to hear from them ;)

    I try to be myself. When I first started the blog, I could not be so open as I am now but am glad to do it. Thanks for you encouragements and keep reading and let me know when things are wrong :)

    By the way, am a great fan on ur blog it's mutual! Take care and hope to read more from you too!