Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Did it really happen????

I often say that life is full of ups and downs.

Life is full of suprises...some bad and some good.  Don't worry, this post is not about another lesson about life, how beautiful it is or how hard it can be.  I simply want to share one particular day in my life when I realised that life is simply like a very thin invisible thread that my break any moment...

Well, this little chapter of my life happened in August 2008.  It was on the engagement day of my sister.  Since back then I was not working, I helped my parents and sister to prepare her engagement celebrations.  I remember I was tired as hell till the very last minute before something horrible happened to me and that really forced me to think how within a moment your world can change...or the world of your dear ones rather can take a blow...

So coming to the engagement.  It was one fine ceremony and in the evening we had a dinner for all those who helped and those close to the family.  I remember attending to my guests and then at the end I sat to have my dinner with my sisters in law.  Even then from time to time I had to leave the table running here and there since everyone was calling for me: Mina where is this, Mina where is that, Mina can you give me that, Mina we are leaving (and here I had to run inside the house to get them a piece of the cake and snacks we prepared - it's not that they asked for it but I like to share :D)

So in the end, when everybody left, I cleaned a bit, took my bath and then went directly to my bed.  I threw myself as I could on the bed with the idea to just lie down a bit and then change and get my bed ready for a good night's sleep....afterwards...oblivion!!!!

At one moment, I remember waking up and suffocating! (Actually I have asthma and I was having an attack but was so tired to even realise it).  So I started coughing, fighting to breathe and silently praying for this torture to stop.  My dad came to help me.  He gave me my inhaler...of no use!  He gave me little taps on my back...still of no help.  I kept yelling dad am dying...am dying.  

I was trying to fight the attack but in vain and at one point i just said better let it go since I could do nothing against it.  Then I just gave up and started to leave...yeah as in dying!  My dad was holding me and the only thing I heard then was his voice full of panick, fear and tears calling my mom and telling her my child is going...my child is dying!

That was it!  God only knows from where I got the courage to fight....fight for my life.  A few minutes later I was able to breathe again and I could calm down a bit.  No need to say that both me and dad were crying and I could not stop my tears.  Then dad and mom took me to the hospital where I had to take the nebuliser.

I owe my life to my dad...euhhh yeah he is partly responsible for me being on earth...no wonder! 

But on that day, had it not been for my dad's voice full of pain and fear, I would not be here posting on this blog.  I was traumatised for a few weeks afterwards and I was scared to sleep at night.

We can say that it was just a fraction of second between the moment I could feel it's my end and the moment I heard my dad's voice.  For those who have this asthma problem may agree with me that it is one hell of a moment when you get an attack...a severe one...

I should say Thanks Dad!!!  

Some may ask where was my mom?  Well, mom has some health problem and was in her room.  Normally when I have an attack, dad handles it and when it gets worse moms comes to see me.  On that day mom was not feeling well and was so tired.  She was taking her meds when it all happened (i dnt want people to say why my mom was not there!!!).

Anyway...for me it was a near death experience.  

So live life as if it's the last one...

God bless



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