Saturday, June 4, 2011

A day out with boubou...

Finally Saturday!

The bliss....errr not really...

Anyway, you may ask who is BOUBOU?

Well, boubou is someone real special.  Oh no, he's not my pet! Don't even dare to think that boubou is a pet...his mom would kill me.  Actually, am talking about my devilish angel!!!

So this morning when I woke up, my sis and I decided that we should start buying his stuffs for school!  Finance is a bit scarce so I want to start preparing so that he is ready when time comes.  So we decided to go to Port Louis and look for his bag to start with.  (I guess it was rather a pretext to go out with him).

So we decided to go by bus.  If you would ask me, since I've started to drive I prefer the car.  But parking in the capital is a real headache and at times it's cheaper to go by bus than by car.

So off we went with my boubou and his mom.  It's a real pleasure to be with my angel!

Oh kids! How they are amazed when travelling by bus (I used to be like that too!!!).  It's always an adventure for them.  Even boubou was very happy.  These days am trying to get him learn the names of vehicles.  Some in english, french or even creole.  So whenever he would see another bus, a car, a van or even a truck he would point it out to me or to his mom.  Whenever the bus driver would brake abruptly, he would get angry at the driver and complain to us and whenever we were stuck in traffic, he would not be happy and complain too.  But most of all, he would look at the scenery and glad to see what our little island has to offer to him (with all these road works going on...bah)

Once we reached Port Louis and got off the bus, he wouldn't want to walk at all.  But then he behaved like a big boy and walked all the way where we would drag him.  We even went to caudan waterfront to have lunch.  He was more attracted to the sea than anything else.

It was one of those memorable days that I get to spend with my angel. (sighhh )

And why boubou?

Actually when he was a baby, he used to kinda pout his mouth to form an 'O'.  As he was growing up, when he went for his vaccinations or when he was sick, he would use to make a sound like: 'booooo' - Oh no need to tell you that my heart break to pieces when I heard him doing that sound.

Moving on...when he grew up some more and started to learn words, one of the 1st words he grasped was bou bou (meaning that he's been harmed, or not feeling well etc).  So the bad habit that I have to pick up words and make up a nick name for someone, I started to call him boubou

Anyway, to sum up, I had a great day with my boubou and sister.  My angel was a bit devilish at times but let's say he loves his mawssi (meaning aunty).

Unfortunately I cannot post any of his pictures.  For the time being his mommy hasn't given me the permission and I understand her.  Maybe someday I will be able to show you my little darling DEVILISH ANGEL!

Till then

Loads of love


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