Saturday, November 19, 2011

The past never comes back....

Very often, we tend to regret our past and wish we could go back and change things....

Or maybe we want to go back at some point in time in life where we were happy or relive a moment that we really enjoyed.  But folks....unfortunately the past never comes back...what's gone is gone...

(Photo taken from: My life, my thoughts.)

Some time back... my family was going through a very difficult phase in life.  One member of the family was far away from us, despite being in the country.  That person who is dear to us was going through one of the worst moment in her life.  Since we are all very close to each other, we could not see her suffer alone.  At times we wished life was just like before....just before this one member left the house...  It was then that I really understood that we cannot go back to the past...

Every single moment spent in life never comes back.  Similar situations may arise, you may get to spend almost the same scenario with almost the same people but things are never the same.  By understanding this fact, I think I grew up a little more in maturity...ok ok am not trying to show am more mature than anyone.  It is simply that I had to learn a lot of things in life by the harder way...

One should never dwell in the past.  So we simply need to move ahead in life.  The only best thing that one can do is to simply learn from the past experiences and avoid making the same mistakes.  As for the best moments from the past...well cherish them and try to live life with your loved ones and make the present worth it.  

And not to forget:  every single moment wasted uselessly today will never come back again tomorrow....

So folks,

 - Do not keep regrets
 - Do not waste your time on wish I did this or that
 - Make the most of this beautiful gift god bestowed us: Life

On this note, I will sign off

Loads of Love


P.s: Thanks Mark for sharing such beautiful thoughts with us on: My life, my thoughts

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Recently, I have noticed that there is a new trend going on Facebook 
(Or is it that I am the one who never noticed before?)

Since quite some time I saw my friends sharing beautiful and inspiring pictures on Facebook.  Of course I shared a few too and been to the pages from where they originally comes.  

Some of these pictures really reflect the truth while some really touch some strings in the heart.....  As a comeback, I wanted to share some pictures through which I've come across lately and here they are:

There are also some that come with some interesting and inspiring quotes.  Some of my favs are as follows:

From personal experience, I can say that indeed, at times, you have to fall to be made stronger....

The below 2 made me laugh at first....yeah, i really laughed but it's so true!  As times through the journey of life, we meet so many people.  Some leave some sweet memories while others....well we simply wish we never met them at all!  But yet, am sure we did learn something from them!

The below defines love and beauty...simply beautiful lines:

The below is so true.  What's gone is gone....we can't go back to the past but we should never lose hope.  We can always start as from now and look ahead :)

Well, here you are....a few pics that really touched me.

Courtesy: Beautuiful thoughts; Deep life quotes, Positive Vibrations; The Secrets of The SeaMy life, my thoughts.

You can visit these pages when you are on FB.  I hope I have not missed any....I will be back in a moment to update the list :)

Till then,

Take care


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mina is back....

Hi there...

It's been quite some time since I last logged in here...I missed writing, though I don't do it too well or too often.

These past weeks was very hectic - in terms of work and my personal life.  At times, I want to come and drop a few words or simply share some stuffs that inspire me.  But when I come home, as usual I am too tired to do anything...yeah, that's me!!!!

Well, during the time I was away, there have been quite a few changes here on blogger....I will have to go through the changes and see how far it's more interesting ;)

So... let me go and find something to write about before I start to rust again....that's how I felt lately....

Anyway, the few of you who read it here...keep coming and do comment on the posts....this is a way for me to get more inspiration to write :)

See you guys soon