Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hello there

Hello to you all out there.
First of All, thank you for stopping by to read my page.
I am very new to blogging despite the fact that this stuff exist since quite some time.
Well, I just wanted to start a blog...share my life, my views and if there are suggestions, they will be most welcome.
Right now I am at work....I won't say nothing to do but rather not much to do....
My Alysa
Before leaving home, a tragedy hit me....yeah you can call it a tragedy since I lost my puppy Alysa. She met with an accident and left me alone. She was such a nice little girl...I miss her loads. Some days back, she was very sick. Dad thought she would die but I insisted to take her to the Vet. Looking at her, I was very scared myself but I kept telling her Alysa, you are a brave girl, you should fight, you will get well.....and she fought and she got well pretty sooner than we expected.
Then this damn dad forgot to close the gate and we live on the main road.....a very bad thing for pets. I did not see her and refused to see her....when I took the car out of the yard, I saw the blood....god it was awful and I realised that I did a good thing by not looking at her dead body....I want to keep the image she left last night before I went to bed. I miss her so much...
Alysa....such a sweet name....I remember when I brought her home some months back, I went through the pain of surfing on the net to find a sweet name...ALYSA meaning Princess in greek. Oh....she was my baby... Why??
Ok...some may say I am overeacting....but one thing I want to share with everyone.....from the past years when I joined university, by obeserving people around me....I deduced one thing! I prefer to love animals than human beings. There are so many reasons why and there are mails that we keep forwading which keep on telling us why.....some main reasons why: They give you unconditional love and never judge you!!!! So, I never lose an opportunity to tell people how much I prefer animals to human beings.
This is one reason why I get so attached to my pets and when the day comes for them to leave me for ever, I am left alone, sad, crying, repenting and god only knows throught what I go.....
Right now, the only thing I wish is for my princess to go to dog's heaven....where she will feel not pain, she will be happy and from where she can still watch over me.....sounds stupid? The one who thinks so is stupid hin/herself!
Anyway, its almost time for me to go home...
Till next


  1. Hello there ^^
    I am so so glad you stopped by my blog, else I would miss out on such wonderful writing!!! What I would suggest is simply to keep on doing what you like doing. Remember, your blog is you! It's a piece of you that you are sharing to the world, so far I see that you are an excellent writer and a very original one too!!!
    Funnily enough, circumstances brought me to think the same way you do. Animals are so much better than human beings!!! It pains me to know you lost your dog to a car accident...I lost my puppy in the very same way a few years back. Her name was Nancy. I believe that all dogs go to heaven! I believe it's been almost 9 years since I last had a dog.
    With love,

  2. Hi Sonia,

    Thank you very much for dropping by and for your encouragement :)

    I am very sorry for Nancy too. It's is always very hard when you lose a pet. I also had a cat named oggy. I will soon pay a tribute to him. Do keep coming and let me know what you think. It'll always be a pleasure to read your posts as well :)

    With love and big hugs

    PS: All dogs (and cats) go to heaven (^_^)