Saturday, April 23, 2011

Where was I????

Am back....

Where was I? Good question!!!! - ah my fav line always when I don't have an answer right away :D

OK, I will try to give a fair answer:

I guess busy with everyday routine. I was so busy with several events in life that I completely forgot about myself. I was so lost in trying to grope for something to bring me out of this quicksand that was swallowing me....I think I found my Saviour....if we can say so! I am fighting with my own demons and and some two years back there was a little angel who came in my life. Whenever I feel going down the quicksand again and want to let go....I think of my little angel and I bounce back to life
again .

So who is that little angel???? Well...sometime soon there will be a post about him as well :D

At the eve of my 30th birthday I feel like I am waking up from a strange deep blurry nightmare. I made mistakes in my choices at different phases of life. I want to catch up. Some chances are lost but if I want, I think a brighter future is there....yeah if I want! I just need to focus and go ahead! Set my goals and fight for my dreams to come true.

Well...this is it for a come back. Hope I'll be here more often with more posts that are not

Anwyway...take care till next

Mina :)

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