Thursday, May 26, 2011

Turning 30

Born in 1981, on the 12th May 2011 at exactly 2.50 pm I turned 30. (Duh!!!!)

Since the beginning of this year, I was depressed every time someone would tell me how old will you be this year or one of my relatives would tell me: Mina it's high time you get married, you are turning 30!!!

On each birthday, when I would complain about my age, mom would tell me that I should be happy that I lived so long. one way she's right.  Nowadays the number of young people dying in road accidents, from diseases's scary indeed!

So what's special in turning 30??  Frankly?  I don't know!

At times when I think about it, I have a feeling that I am moving up to another era of one's life.  Sounds funny?  Uhhh simply am trying to make it sound more poetic!  Ok ok...Am growing old...still single...still looking for the soul mate and still coming across jerks!

But coming to the depression - yeah!  When I was younger (that was long long long ago) I used to tell my mom that I will live up to 30 years.  After that you are old and life is over.  I even told mum that I will commit suicide since I do not want to live beyond 30.  Yeah you read well - I said commit suicide.  That day, if mum did not contain her anger towards me, indeed I would not be writing these lines here... Actually, mom was looking at me with one of those dagger killer eyes and a knife in her hand!

But I would lie if I say that I didn't think about my stupid idea as the so dreaded 30 was approaching!  

Then slowly as I was moving towards my 30 years I got a revelation!  From who?  uhhh myself!  

I realised that indeed I should be happy to have lived so long.  Life continues....whether there are ups or downs, it's worth living.  Who knows that this so called 30 years may prove to by lucky to me in my personal as well as professional life?  Time will tell.

Yeah, I grew up some more!  Even if am now 30, am still feeling younger in my head!  I guess this helps to be more jovial and see life from a positive  insight.  As I have mentioned in one of my posts here, I feel that it's now that I am waking up from a scary nightmare. 

I simply want to:
- put all my failures behind and move in life and live my life.  There will be lots of joy - I pray! - and also   lots of failures, but I want to take everything positively and make the most of the precious beings I have in my life.

- be thankful to the almighty for giving me each and every day I am living...even if it was a shit one!

Oh yeah!  30 seems to be something that I can enjoy and I think I must make the most of it as everyone knows: the past will never come again and the future is unknown.  What we have is today so better live it as if it's your last one!  

So live your lives and make the most of it.  I would like to end my post with a quote:

Yesterday is history...tomorrow is mystery...but today is a gift...that is why it's called PRESENT

- Master Oogway (the turtle from Kung Fu Panda)
So enjoy your Gift


Mina :)


  1. I always enjoy what you write. Belated happy birthday :) And don't look for the soulmate, it comes to you when you least expect it :)

  2. @ Yashvin: thanks!!! Mieux vo tard ke jamais :D My hello to Dhan :P

  3. @ Sonia: Thanks loads dear! I hope that one day he'll surely come to me :D Take care, God bless

  4. I used to say something similar about twenty five. That after twenty five I'd be an adult and I'd have run out of excuses and so I should commit suicide before that. It didn't happen that way. I only occasionally regret my decision, haha.

    Really, though, one day your prince will come, and you'll be glad you weren't young and stupid when he arrived.

    Stopped in from the LBS tea party.

  5. Hi!

    Many thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. Indeed am getting used to the idea that life continues after 30. Now waiting for the prince...