Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Well well I am...tired after a long day's work but yet willing to write something down.

Well, the day was simply one out of the normal routine ones: wake up, get ready, catch the bus, go to work work work work and then get into the van and get back home, bathe, eat, watch TV and/or surf on the net and go to bed!!!! interesting!!!  Yeah!

These days all I want is to get away for a few days...take a few days' holiday and relax somewhere on a a pool or somewhere in quiet and soothing nature.  Even if we get into a routine cycle, life is so hectic.  At times you do not realise how fast time went by...and what we missed at the same time.

It happens often to me that I am so engrossed in my work and when I decide to come out of it, I realise that hey we are already Friday.  I would repeat what I said here in another post: Time flies so quickly!!!  It feels like we are automated during week days and on Fridays we get freed of this automation.

When comes friday, I look forward to a relaxing week end.  BUT....yeah but!  The week end also flies away....quicker that you can imagine!!!!  Uhh I hardly woke up on Saturday...had tons to do and gee why is it that on Monday morning am soooooo tired????

Again, this may sound a bit repetitive (uhhh for those who read my posts obvisouly and that seems to be very close to NULL if not = ZERO) but I really wish I could stop time!  If I has a superpower (question that a colleague of mine asked me once) it would be the ability to stop time.  Back then I said something like reading on the mind of ppl and dunno what more.  But now I wish something else... GOD give me the superpower to stop time!!!

Life's so short and so precious and guess what?  I don't really get the time to enjoy...

Anyway, enough bla bla from me!  Black Eyed peas on tv!!!  Gotcha watch em!

Take care



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