Saturday, May 14, 2011

12th May....a day to remember

What is so special on the 12th of May???  Well, 30 years ago a special being was born on that day and taddddaaaaaaaaaa thats ME!!! LOL

Ok, maybe not so special being or special to my dear ones only(huh??).  But yeah, as some call me :A "minante" was born on that day.  

But wait, that's not all!!!!  

12th May became even more important to me since 28 years after I was born, a little angel was born on the same day!!!!  And that little angel is my darling nephew.  I should say thanks to my sister for giving me such a great gift but shhhhh I won't let her know how thankful I am about it :D

So this year, my angel turned 2.  So a few weeks...umm no, make that 1 week before his birthday we were like mads looking for a good pastry shop to make his birthday cake.  Finally a friend of mine advised me "Chez Christian".  So on the Sunday preceding our birthday, we went to Christian to look at cake designs (oh I forgot to mention that my devilish angel has a fixation on BOUBA these days).  My dad nearly had a heart attack when he heard the price of the cake.  But since our angel is soooooooo lucky, god only knows how we got convinced to get him the cake.  OK, it's not really bouba(for those who still remember bouba) but it was near bouba. ps: not that they didn't have bouba design, but it didn't look nice on the catalog.  So we opted for a yellow little bear.  And it was a real pleasure to look at our angel's face when he saw his cake....

Both cakes tasted yummy and I had to cut the poor bebear with great pain in my heart...sniff sniff

Anyway....we simply had a gr8 12th May and I wish many more to come where my devilish angel and I can celebrate together. 

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