Sunday, May 15, 2011

Copyright Information

What comes out of the mind...  is a personal blog and represents opinions and views expressed solely by me.  No one is liable for anything that is written here.  Whatever is expressed in this blog represents snapshots of what is going on my mind.

All information or figures provided may not be accurate or founded.  So I am not to be held responsible if any information is wrong and corrections through comments are welcome.

Some pictures posted are owned by me.  These will be clearly tagged or a disclaimer will be put at the end of the post.  No right is given to use, reproduce or the picture without my permission.  You may email me and explain your reason why you want the picture and your case will be considered.

Also, you are free to agree or disagree with my comments and you may also challenge me on my views.  I will respect your views.  However, I hold the right to delete any comments that are abusive, rude or not suitable for the readers.

So thank you in advance to keep it polite please.

PS: The above message is my ownership.  No reproduction of the above is allowed without my permission.  Thank you.

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