Sunday, May 29, 2011

Friendship, a myth or reality?

Today I received a surprise visit from a blogger and then I found out that LBS was organising a tea party. (more details on:  So to make it short, you have to visit 2 blogs, comment on their recent posts and then come back to LBS and tell why you chose them etc.

So while going through the list of bloggers I came across the blog of one nice lady.  She posted a picture of her and her friends.  That was so cute.  I even commented on her post.  While doing so, I was thinking that I am so unfortunate not to have what is commonly called Best friends!

It's not that I am a loner.  I love to make friends.  Since childhood I have been very shy.  It's always been like that.  Even now I am like this and cannot make long conversations be it with guys or girls.  (Oww...).  So, when I went to uni, I was indeed very shy but got along with 3 other girls.  In the end the group split and with time I discovered how people could be hypocrites.

However at uni, there were a few people whom I could call friends.  There were a bunch of them and the fingers on my one hand are more than enough to count them, hehe.  Unfortunately, once uni was over, everyone got busy in their respective lives.  One got married and is now a happy mom of 2 cute bambinos and the other one...well we used to call him the DODO...he actually disappeared like the DODO.  Only after quite some time we met again on FB.  By the way, the DODO for those who are not aware was a bird found in Mauritius long long long ago.  When the Dutch arrived on the island, the dodo was so good to eat that the Dutch forgot to leave a few specimen alive for future generations.  Yeah it's extinct now and one of our national symbol if I can say so.

Yeah so coming to friendship.  So afterwards I did not meet my friends and have been in contact with some via Facebook or the phone.  From there on, I have met a lot of people, became friends and then lost contact.  Would that be considered to be friendship?  Isn't it supposed to be that friends should be in contact?

I won't say it's their fault.  Nor will I say it's my fault.  Some as I mentioned earlier, got busy in their lives, they moved on, found their life partner, met new people and started to build new circle.  On my side, I too moved on, met new people but could never build a new circle of friends.  At some point in time, I was going through a very bad phase of my life where I closed myself up.  At that time, I could not ask my friends for help and back then I doubted there would be anyone who would say hold on Mina, am here.

When I think of all this, I wonder if friendship is a reality or a myth?  Ok, maybe am exaggerating.  I know many people who have very good friends, who keep in touch very often and even hang out together from time to time.  But unfortunately I do not have such a chance.

Circumstances brought me to a point where I wonder if ever I will have a real best friend?


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