Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ascension Day 2011

I was about to log off when a question just came to my mind: What is being celebrated in France today.

So I googled "French public holidays 2011".  I picked a website add displayed and found out that it is Ascension Day.  Uhhh  I know this has something to do with religion.  So I decided to find out more.  Again I googled and finally found out the following:

"Ascension Day (Ascension) marks the day that Jesus ascended to heaven following his crucifixion and resurrection, according to Christian belief. It is the 40th day of Easter and is ten days before Pentecost Sunday. It is a public holiday in France"

It was a good idea to find out.  At least I learned something today...  Just imagin someone asking me why it is a public holiday in France?  What a shame if I could not answer that!

Anyway, just wanted to share it with you :)

Ps: Lately I've grown the habit to google whatever or whoever comes to my mind! It pays most of the time and am updated on loads of things even if 5 mins later I forget everything again!  That's me!!!!!!


  1. That's a day to remember, especially if you work with French clients :-)
    The office was nearly empty yesterday, and there was practically no traffic jam too. A public holiday in France, and even Mauritius is affected.

  2. new with the frenchies...I've worked for UK clients rather :P