Sunday, June 26, 2011

One fine Sunday....

This morning when I woke up...I looked out of my room's window and was amazed with the beautiful weather outside.

Unfortunately, we had nothing planned for the day and definitely no plans to go out.  I just said to myself... what a waste!  By midday after lunch, I had to go to the Eye Hospital since my eyes have been itching since last night.  Ok...I DID go out finally...yeah but it's nothing like going out with the family to have some fun...huh

When I got home, I wanted to rest a bit since as usual, there's a big week ahead at work.  All of a sudden, dad who was repairing the car calls me and asks if my devilish angel is sleeping... I got curious and asked why?  Actually, the family friend who is even more than family to us and who looks after my angel during the day were going to an health expo stuff at the SVICC.  SVICC????  Oh yeah - Swami Vivekananda International Conference Centre...  and they wanted to take devilish angel along.

Now now now...I tried my luck and asked if I could go along.  And...since I was somewhat lucky today...they said yes!!!!  Here was my chance to finaly go out!  Since angel was sleeping...I woke him him ready, got ready myself and off we went to SVICC.

Well, there were loads of ppl say the truth a nightmare for me.  But at the same time the fair was interesting since we got some interesting information about new tech in health sector, usual info about how to lose weight etc etc.  But on the whole, very informative...

Afterwards we headed to caudan waterfront for some diner.  Gosh, Angel was sooooooooooooo happy to run around!  There were loads of kids there with their families and Angel was having great fun to be sooooo devilish and playing with the kids.  So thank you to the family friend and his family for that great moment with my angel :D

Just wanted to share this special moment with you

Loads of love


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  1. I think that this is the first time that I am getting a positive feedback from fairs held at Pailles. Yes, Fairs because most of them are like the 'bazaars', but in some modern layout. And what is more stupid is that you need to pay to enter the place while you could get hold of the same item (perhaps cheaper) in the fairs around mauritius.