Thursday, June 2, 2011

One day off...

Hey there!

Finally I could find some time to write a post.  Ok, this is going to be a real small post.

So, as I said last night, today's my day off from work.  It's a bit weird when you are off at home and half the household is at work - dad and my sis by the way.  So when I woke up mom asked me: "where are you taking me today?"  Aaahhh....umm actually I wanted to sleep whole day.  But since mom asked me this question just like a little girl would ask her mommy where are we going...I couldn't tell her what was really on my mind.

So off I went to do a few household chores left for me after breakfast, took my bath, got my angel nephew and mom ready and off we went to the nearest hypermarket.  Actually, I had to pay my monthly installment for the fridge and mobile phone.  Since the credit company has a counter at the hypermarket and I had a few stuffs to buy as well... it was easier for me to get things done properly.  After that we went to buy food (KFC) and we were supposed to head to the beach.

But mom got a little prob - toilet prob (shhhh....).  Mom does not like to pee in public toilets.  So we headed home so that she could relieve herself.  By then we were so hungry that we took our lunch at home itself.

After that we headed to the beach, parked on the parking lot and had a little snack.  My little angel was real excited on seeing school kids on pic nic. He is really attracted to kids!  Then we came back home, took a little rest, I prepared some tea as dad came home.  I cooked part of the dinner and when my sis came back, we had our dinner.  I am now in my room, watching tv and blogging.

So this is one typical off day...not all are same but this one was a nice one :)

Signing off with loads of love


P.s: maybe will come back later if I get inspired or will post during the week end :)

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