Sunday, June 26, 2011

One fine Sunday....

This morning when I woke up...I looked out of my room's window and was amazed with the beautiful weather outside.

Unfortunately, we had nothing planned for the day and definitely no plans to go out.  I just said to myself... what a waste!  By midday after lunch, I had to go to the Eye Hospital since my eyes have been itching since last night.  Ok...I DID go out finally...yeah but it's nothing like going out with the family to have some fun...huh

When I got home, I wanted to rest a bit since as usual, there's a big week ahead at work.  All of a sudden, dad who was repairing the car calls me and asks if my devilish angel is sleeping... I got curious and asked why?  Actually, the family friend who is even more than family to us and who looks after my angel during the day were going to an health expo stuff at the SVICC.  SVICC????  Oh yeah - Swami Vivekananda International Conference Centre...  and they wanted to take devilish angel along.

Now now now...I tried my luck and asked if I could go along.  And...since I was somewhat lucky today...they said yes!!!!  Here was my chance to finaly go out!  Since angel was sleeping...I woke him him ready, got ready myself and off we went to SVICC.

Well, there were loads of ppl say the truth a nightmare for me.  But at the same time the fair was interesting since we got some interesting information about new tech in health sector, usual info about how to lose weight etc etc.  But on the whole, very informative...

Afterwards we headed to caudan waterfront for some diner.  Gosh, Angel was sooooooooooooo happy to run around!  There were loads of kids there with their families and Angel was having great fun to be sooooo devilish and playing with the kids.  So thank you to the family friend and his family for that great moment with my angel :D

Just wanted to share this special moment with you

Loads of love


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Did it really happen????

I often say that life is full of ups and downs.

Life is full of suprises...some bad and some good.  Don't worry, this post is not about another lesson about life, how beautiful it is or how hard it can be.  I simply want to share one particular day in my life when I realised that life is simply like a very thin invisible thread that my break any moment...

Well, this little chapter of my life happened in August 2008.  It was on the engagement day of my sister.  Since back then I was not working, I helped my parents and sister to prepare her engagement celebrations.  I remember I was tired as hell till the very last minute before something horrible happened to me and that really forced me to think how within a moment your world can change...or the world of your dear ones rather can take a blow...

So coming to the engagement.  It was one fine ceremony and in the evening we had a dinner for all those who helped and those close to the family.  I remember attending to my guests and then at the end I sat to have my dinner with my sisters in law.  Even then from time to time I had to leave the table running here and there since everyone was calling for me: Mina where is this, Mina where is that, Mina can you give me that, Mina we are leaving (and here I had to run inside the house to get them a piece of the cake and snacks we prepared - it's not that they asked for it but I like to share :D)

So in the end, when everybody left, I cleaned a bit, took my bath and then went directly to my bed.  I threw myself as I could on the bed with the idea to just lie down a bit and then change and get my bed ready for a good night's sleep....afterwards...oblivion!!!!

At one moment, I remember waking up and suffocating! (Actually I have asthma and I was having an attack but was so tired to even realise it).  So I started coughing, fighting to breathe and silently praying for this torture to stop.  My dad came to help me.  He gave me my inhaler...of no use!  He gave me little taps on my back...still of no help.  I kept yelling dad am dying.  

I was trying to fight the attack but in vain and at one point i just said better let it go since I could do nothing against it.  Then I just gave up and started to leave...yeah as in dying!  My dad was holding me and the only thing I heard then was his voice full of panick, fear and tears calling my mom and telling her my child is child is dying!

That was it!  God only knows from where I got the courage to fight....fight for my life.  A few minutes later I was able to breathe again and I could calm down a bit.  No need to say that both me and dad were crying and I could not stop my tears.  Then dad and mom took me to the hospital where I had to take the nebuliser.

I owe my life to my dad...euhhh yeah he is partly responsible for me being on wonder! 

But on that day, had it not been for my dad's voice full of pain and fear, I would not be here posting on this blog.  I was traumatised for a few weeks afterwards and I was scared to sleep at night.

We can say that it was just a fraction of second between the moment I could feel it's my end and the moment I heard my dad's voice.  For those who have this asthma problem may agree with me that it is one hell of a moment when you get an attack...a severe one...

I should say Thanks Dad!!!  

Some may ask where was my mom?  Well, mom has some health problem and was in her room.  Normally when I have an attack, dad handles it and when it gets worse moms comes to see me.  On that day mom was not feeling well and was so tired.  She was taking her meds when it all happened (i dnt want people to say why my mom was not there!!!).

Anyway...for me it was a near death experience.  

So live life as if it's the last one...

God bless



Sunday, June 12, 2011

Back to business

Hey there!!

Am back after quite some time ... err yeah I've not given up on blogging yet :D

It's been a very hectic week at work.  When I come back home am very tired but when I go to bed I cannot find any sleep...that makes me even more grunchy and my inspirations does not want to come anywhere near me!!!

Anyway...since some time I've wanted to post a few stuffs and hope by this evening I will be back to share something :)

Till then,

Loads of love


Saturday, June 4, 2011

A day out with boubou...

Finally Saturday!

The bliss....errr not really...

Anyway, you may ask who is BOUBOU?

Well, boubou is someone real special.  Oh no, he's not my pet! Don't even dare to think that boubou is a pet...his mom would kill me.  Actually, am talking about my devilish angel!!!

So this morning when I woke up, my sis and I decided that we should start buying his stuffs for school!  Finance is a bit scarce so I want to start preparing so that he is ready when time comes.  So we decided to go to Port Louis and look for his bag to start with.  (I guess it was rather a pretext to go out with him).

So we decided to go by bus.  If you would ask me, since I've started to drive I prefer the car.  But parking in the capital is a real headache and at times it's cheaper to go by bus than by car.

So off we went with my boubou and his mom.  It's a real pleasure to be with my angel!

Oh kids! How they are amazed when travelling by bus (I used to be like that too!!!).  It's always an adventure for them.  Even boubou was very happy.  These days am trying to get him learn the names of vehicles.  Some in english, french or even creole.  So whenever he would see another bus, a car, a van or even a truck he would point it out to me or to his mom.  Whenever the bus driver would brake abruptly, he would get angry at the driver and complain to us and whenever we were stuck in traffic, he would not be happy and complain too.  But most of all, he would look at the scenery and glad to see what our little island has to offer to him (with all these road works going on...bah)

Once we reached Port Louis and got off the bus, he wouldn't want to walk at all.  But then he behaved like a big boy and walked all the way where we would drag him.  We even went to caudan waterfront to have lunch.  He was more attracted to the sea than anything else.

It was one of those memorable days that I get to spend with my angel. (sighhh )

And why boubou?

Actually when he was a baby, he used to kinda pout his mouth to form an 'O'.  As he was growing up, when he went for his vaccinations or when he was sick, he would use to make a sound like: 'booooo' - Oh no need to tell you that my heart break to pieces when I heard him doing that sound.

Moving on...when he grew up some more and started to learn words, one of the 1st words he grasped was bou bou (meaning that he's been harmed, or not feeling well etc).  So the bad habit that I have to pick up words and make up a nick name for someone, I started to call him boubou

Anyway, to sum up, I had a great day with my boubou and sister.  My angel was a bit devilish at times but let's say he loves his mawssi (meaning aunty).

Unfortunately I cannot post any of his pictures.  For the time being his mommy hasn't given me the permission and I understand her.  Maybe someday I will be able to show you my little darling DEVILISH ANGEL!

Till then

Loads of love


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ascension Day 2011

I was about to log off when a question just came to my mind: What is being celebrated in France today.

So I googled "French public holidays 2011".  I picked a website add displayed and found out that it is Ascension Day.  Uhhh  I know this has something to do with religion.  So I decided to find out more.  Again I googled and finally found out the following:

"Ascension Day (Ascension) marks the day that Jesus ascended to heaven following his crucifixion and resurrection, according to Christian belief. It is the 40th day of Easter and is ten days before Pentecost Sunday. It is a public holiday in France"

It was a good idea to find out.  At least I learned something today...  Just imagin someone asking me why it is a public holiday in France?  What a shame if I could not answer that!

Anyway, just wanted to share it with you :)

Ps: Lately I've grown the habit to google whatever or whoever comes to my mind! It pays most of the time and am updated on loads of things even if 5 mins later I forget everything again!  That's me!!!!!!

One day off...

Hey there!

Finally I could find some time to write a post.  Ok, this is going to be a real small post.

So, as I said last night, today's my day off from work.  It's a bit weird when you are off at home and half the household is at work - dad and my sis by the way.  So when I woke up mom asked me: "where are you taking me today?"  Aaahhh....umm actually I wanted to sleep whole day.  But since mom asked me this question just like a little girl would ask her mommy where are we going...I couldn't tell her what was really on my mind.

So off I went to do a few household chores left for me after breakfast, took my bath, got my angel nephew and mom ready and off we went to the nearest hypermarket.  Actually, I had to pay my monthly installment for the fridge and mobile phone.  Since the credit company has a counter at the hypermarket and I had a few stuffs to buy as well... it was easier for me to get things done properly.  After that we went to buy food (KFC) and we were supposed to head to the beach.

But mom got a little prob - toilet prob (shhhh....).  Mom does not like to pee in public toilets.  So we headed home so that she could relieve herself.  By then we were so hungry that we took our lunch at home itself.

After that we headed to the beach, parked on the parking lot and had a little snack.  My little angel was real excited on seeing school kids on pic nic. He is really attracted to kids!  Then we came back home, took a little rest, I prepared some tea as dad came home.  I cooked part of the dinner and when my sis came back, we had our dinner.  I am now in my room, watching tv and blogging.

So this is one typical off day...not all are same but this one was a nice one :)

Signing off with loads of love


P.s: maybe will come back later if I get inspired or will post during the week end :)

Oh my my...

What a week!

And there are 2 more days to go!

My week started very badly!  Since Sunday I was not feeling too well: Running nose, body aching and I knew I would be sick :(  When I got back home from work on Monday...GOD I was in one of those bad state with high fever and all.  I took the meds and went to bed.

On the next day, I had an appointment and took 2 hrs permission in  the morning.  When I woke up I thought I would never make it to the appointment and then go to work.  But in the end, I was able to attend both. Great!  My whole body was aching..heck

Fortunately, after a good night sleep and a real miraculous med, I was almost fit this morning as if the fever was a bad dream!  Yeah!  I was all the very fit!  I know I would have a very busy day at work but never imagined it would be THAT busy!  Ok...tough day!  But I am glad I could make it through.

Tomorrow is a french public holiday and am off...errr you may wonder why I would be off when I live in Mauritius?  Umm actually, we work for the french is a french owned company if I can say so :)  I have not planned anything for the day...coz whenever I planned my day it was a complete flop.  So will take the day as it comes and try to make the most of it.

Then Friday back to work and it's gonna be another hell of a day....I can feel it!

On top of everything else, we got the confirmation that a colleague of ours has resigned.  The dept will be restructured and maybe a new person will join eventually.Anyway...will see what happens later.

I was just reading the blog post of someone I know personally.  Wow, she's damn good but unfortunately she stopped blogging.  I may not have many followers on my blog and don't know how to get people coming and reading my posts (at times I have a feeling it's real dull here...) and at least advise me on how I can improve.  Gee...I know only one person who may be visits regularly...Miss S but apart from that....duh!  Anyway, I won't give up.  I'll write as long as am inspired to do so and I feel like sharing.

Hope tomorrow I get some time to write something else it's going to be on Friday night or during the week end.

Till then

Take care