Sunday, May 29, 2011

Some future posts

Very often when I am in the bus or when I am at work (to be noted, whenever I cannot access my blog pfft) that IDEAS fuse in my head.

But the moment I come back home, after a long day of work, as if every ideas have vanished and as much as I would try to remember: nothing!!!!

So this post is rather a kind of reminder for me.  I will jot down a few ideas that are coming to my mind right now (or even later ) and I will do my best to write something about these during the coming month. Aha...a real challenge huh?  Actually, during week days am dead tired and during week dead tired as well.  More and more am lacking inspiration but yet I want to develop my writings.

Ok, I admit that the previous craps written by me was in situation of extreme fatigue.  I was almost drooping to sleep...

Oh yes, coming back to my points:

  • Oggy - a tribute to my late oggy
  • Am addicted to.... - food, tv shows, etc
  • My inspirations - people who inspire me
(So far that's all that is coming to my mind.  As and when I get ideas, I will jot them here and once they are done, I will change the font colour)

So for the time being, I'll sign off...unless before going to bed I get some more ideas



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