Sunday, April 24, 2011

Did you say customer service????

A note I published at the beginning of this month on Facebook:

Well well well...something happened to me yesterday at JUMBO PHOENIX.  My dad, my sis and I went shopping. We each had our own errands to run and we would pay separately.  But I think that would be stupid to take 3 carts to go in when we each had 4-5 articles to buy.  Now that our shopping is done, we head towards the till/cash register desk.  Fine.  We  have to wait for our turn.

At one moment my sis taps me and tells me the lady on the next till is signaling her.  So I go up to her and asks her if she is open (as there's a bar that is put on to advise that it is closed).  In one of a very arrogant manner she tells me : "ou kapav ouvert li" (you can open it urself).  I felt like disturbing her!!!!  Ok, I open the stuff, asks my dad to change till and come on the next one.  She looks at our cart and says am sorry but you have more than 10 articles (actually it was then we noticed that it was the less than 10 articles till. At jumbo it keeps on changing every week.  Last time we were there they had removed the less than 10 articles).  Fine, we back out but the people at the other till would not let my dad get his initial place in the queue.  Then my dad tells her but we are 3 people and we will each pay for our articles - per person that makes less than 10 articles.  So my dad start to put his articles on the desk...guess wat?  She just let out :"ou ene sans comprend mem selma" (plz provide the eng translation).  That really got me angry.  I told her u dnt call us sans comprend.  You are not allowed to treat ppl like this.  And she defies me that she never told my dad that.  That really pissed me off!!!  In anger I told her am going to report this matter.  She says go ahead if u can.  By then I had raised my voice.  One of the responsible came next to us.  The lady asked us wat happened,  Even the security approached us.  My dad then told them that she said that to us, yet I remained silent, it was not a proper way to talk to us.  The superior asked us to be careful.  Now, she starts to scan our articles.  I ask her to wait since I'm putting the articles and she is mixing them.  She really ignores me and continues.  In the end, she scanned an article my sis was going to pay.  I stopped her by yelling (i had to since she was ignoring me) and asked her to retrieve that.  She calls the superior again.  The superior then asks her, did u say sorry?  She says no and I will not say sorry.  God, that was it!  Now in a state of anger, I talked to my sis aloud telling her that is this the way to treat customers?  Every week we spend by hundreds and thousands over there and we work hard for that.  WE are paying for the service as well.  Is it a fair treatment?  I didnt expect her to fall on my feet and say sorry.  At least she could apologise to my father.  I dnt even care about such cheap people but at least show professionalism.  Customer service is quite rare in mtius.  Maybe some will think I over reacted.  But during my studies and even in my jobs customer service has always been the central point.  I felt bad when I came back.  Yelling at someone when that person is working.   But I could not tolerate the disrespect she showed towards us.....

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